Five steps to cleaning a Sturgeon
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Step #1
   First let me say while your still fishing, cut the gills and bleed out your fish. That's an important thing with both Sturgeon and Salmon.
   In step one place the Sturgeon on it's belly.
Cut along the back just under the diamonds al the way back to the dorsal fin, as seen in the pictures above...
Step #2
    In Step #2 cut down along behind the pectoral fin, as in the top picture. Then cut down along the body just above the diamonds on the side of the belly, up over the back pectorals as seen in the bottom picture...
Step #3
   In step #3, starting at the front, cut down along the spine a little
at a time until you reach the gut cavity. Follow the spine working your way back to the tail. Then as in the bottom picture. Lay the fish on it's side and finish filleting back to the tail much like you would a Striper, but stop short, don't cut the fillet all the way off...
Step #4
    In step #4 lay your fillet back over and place a cutting board under the fillet. This is the tricky part because if you cut too high you'll lose a lot of meat and if you cut too low you'll cut the skin. Hopefully you've skinned fish in this way before. Holding the fish just above the tail with one hand, and laying your knife flat, start moving your knife back and forth, working your way down the fillet just under the skin. Stop from time to time to make sure your cutting right. Don't feel bad if you miss and leave some skin or a little meat behind. I commonly leave some skin behind it's hard to skin a Sturgeon. Like everything you'll get better with practice... 
Step #5
   Mostly step #5 is just repeating what you did on the other side of the fish.
After you have both fillets off and cleaned I like to lay them out and cut up the fillets into meal size pieces and vacuum seal them. There is a lot of fatty tissue and dark meat just under the skin that you need to cut off, but it can wait until your ready to cook it...